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    Superior Rink Management has new guidelines set forth to dealing with COVID 19 and social distancing starting Monday 7-27-20.  With these changes we are asking all people that visit the rink to follow these guidelines. Please see our COVID-19 update document with current guidelines. 

    If you have any questions, please contact Tom or Brian. 


    Tom White

    SAHA Executive Director

    Phone: 715-394-4899

    Brian Raygor

    SAHA President

    Phone: 218-590-8153

    If you are notified by any health department or a school that says your player was in close contact with someone with COVID-19  and must quarantine, your player will not be allowed to come to the rink while under quarantine.

    Superior Ice Arena Game Procedures

    - Teams may not enter the arena any sooner than 15 minutes prior to ice time

    -The lobby is only open to players, coaches, and those needing to use the restroom. The public is not permitted to gather in this area.

    -No locker rooms are available. It is recommended that players come dressed in as much gear as possible, and bring as little into the rink as they can

    -The lobby and NW corner of the arena have been set up for players to put equipment on. These areas are not private and should not be treated as locker rooms. There is no assumption of privacy and there will be no separation of teams. All players will be in the same general area. There will be access to washrooms and a water fountain, but no showers

    -Once dressed, players must take ALL their belongs with them to the bench. Nothing is to be left in the dressing area, and players may not return to the lobby

    -During intermissions, teams will not remain on the bench. The home team will use the NW corner (where they entered the ice) to spread out in a socially distant manner. The visiting team will use the SW corner next to their bench to spread out

    -At the end of the game the home team will exit the ice in the SE corner of the arena(opposite corner from where they entered the ice) and the visiting team will exit from their bench in the SW corner. Teams will use the chairs set up around the south end of the arena and in the John Hack Room to take equipment off. Players have 15 minutes to do this and exit the building through the John Hack Room.

    -Each team is asked to designate one person to use the provided gloves and spray bottle to spray each chair that was used at the end of the game. No wiping is necessary.


    Please send your USA hockey number to Jamie ASAP so official rosters can be worked on! Your USA hockey number is a combination of numbers and letters and is 14 characters long, it is not your CEP number. If you have not registered, or need a copy of your registration, please go to

    Jamie Crimmins

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to hold the Twin Ports Super Jr Gold Tournament with DAHA this year.  SAHA will run a tournament in February as we have in previous years. 

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