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Team Fees, Concessions, and Home Tourney

Hi all!  Team Fees link to google doc details were sent 12/10 via email and Facebook page.   

Thanks for all the help with the tournament, it was a success!   

Thanks to Missy Siers for the awesome banner!  We'll bring to our games/tournaments and display when we can!   



Outdoor Ice Info

*Scheduled outdoor ice must be used or traded.
*Team parents should be prepared to assist in shoveling on snowy days.  We may need to shovel snow before team can skate. Bring extra shovels, there are some in the outside rink building and there is a snow blower in the Olympia room.  Will keep you posted if help is needed. 
*Please keep the outdoor rink and building clean. No tobacco or sunflower seeds. Please do not track mud or dirt onto the ice. These become holes on sunny days.
*Remove nets when you are done.

This information can be found on the schedule page of the SAHA website

Locker Room Monitor Rotation

Week Family Week Family
Oct 8 - Oct 14 Dec 24 - Dec 30 Welch
Oct 15 - Oct 21 Coopers Dec 31 - Jan 6 Williams
Oct 22 - Oct 28 Berkas Jan 7 - Jan 13 Berkas
Oct 29 - Nov 4 Frantas Jan 14 - Jan 20 Coopers
Nov 5 - Nov 11 Gamache/Rinnet Jan 21 - Jan 27 Frantas
Nov 12 - Nov 18 Hansens Jan 28 - Feb 3 Gamache / Rinnet
Nov 19 - Nov 25 Holmlund Feb 4 - Feb 10 Hansens
Nov 26 - Dec 2 Lindberg/Androsky Feb 11 - Feb 17 Holmlund
Dec 3 - Dec9 Morehouse Feb 18 - Feb 24 Linderg / Androsky
Dec 10 - Dec 16 Siers Feb 25 - Mar 3 Morehouse
Dec 17 - Dec 23 Walwraths Mar 4 - Mar 10 Siers
Mar 11 - Mar 17 Walraths

Locker Room Rules

USA Hockey and SAHA require locker room monitors. Our job is to prevent any and all misconduct and to make sure behavior/conversations are appropriate and positive.                   NO Food.. NO Sticks.. NO Phones

SAHA follows USA Hockey policy where CELL PHONES AND OTHER MOBILE DEVICES with recording capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras and video cameras, ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BE USED IN THE LOCEKR ROOMS. If phones or other mobile devices need to be used, they must be taken outside of the locker room. The following are SAHA's discipline/consequences for using a cell phone, camera, or other recording device in a locker room:

  • 1st offense: 1 game suspension
  • 2nd offense: 3 game suspension
  • 3rd offense: suspended for the rest of the season

Jessica (Jess) Marsalla

Head Coach

Phone: 218-969-5534

Ryan Lindberg

Asst Coach

Phone: 218-393-5447

Marc Franta

Asst Coach - when available

Phone: 651-775-9076

Paula Cooper


Phone: 218-590-7189