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Coaches, this page is for you.  All SAHA coaches can get their information off of this page.  Please make sure you check back periodically, especially during the season, for updates and information.

Thank you for your time and commitment!

apply to be a coach

Please return this application to:
Attn: Coach Application
1015 Oakes Ave.
Superior, WI 54880

Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association, in conjunction with USA Hockey Central District, is launching 18 virtual coaching clinics for the upcoming season.  The Coaching Education Program (CEP) has undergone numerous improvements and changes, visit

Coaching Certification - USA Hockey

USA Hockey and the Coaching Education Program require both certification and registration to be eligible to coach. Registration is done online on a yearly basis. Certification is also required. A few basic steps requirements are as follows: USA Hockey Requirements (Must be completed before ...

for full details on requirements for the 2021-22 season.

CEP virtual clinics are available to any USA Hockey coach looking to complete their certification across the country.  The good news is that WAHA coaches can access clinics from anywhere.  The bad news is that we can’t restrict WAHA clinics for only WAHA coaches.  The full WAHA clinic schedule is posted on the WAHA website under resources > coaching clinics.  The registration for these clinics will open 2 WEEKS prior to the start of the clinic at 8:00 AM CDT.  It is CRITICAL that you find a clinic that works for your schedule and has seats available and register ASAP!  


1. REGISTER WITH USA HOCKEY (and send Jamie Crimmins your USA hockey number)

Must be completed before you can go on the ice.

SAHA will reimburse approved coaches for USA Hockey registration fee with paid receipt turned into the SAHA.


Must be completed before you can go on the ice.
Background checks are good for 2 years. SAHA will reimburse background check fees for approved coaches with paid receipt turned in to SAHA. If you are not an approved coach or you are not due for a background check, you will not be reimbursed if you have one done. 

For members who were last screened through their Affiliate after April 1, 2019, for the 2019-20 season, their screens will be valid for the 2020-21 season, and will not need to be screened under the new system until prior to the 2021-22 season. If a member’s most recent screen is from prior to April 1, 2019, the member, if in a position that requires a background screen, will need to be screened under the new system in order to participate in the upcoming 2020-21 season.  

All new screens submitted through the new NCSI national screening program after April 1, 2020, will be valid for two seasons. For example, a screen submitted and approved on April 15, 2020, will be valid through the end of the 2021-22 season, which is August 31, 2022.


Must be complete ASAP and before first game

The SafeSport Training and Refresher Training are each valid for one (1) season beginning on 4/1/20.  


Below are links that will take you to a location where you can see what you have completed and when they will expire.

Approved coaches will receive reimbursement checks for USA Hockey registration, background check (if needed), and appropriate modules the first week in January. Receipts can be turned in to the main office mailbox any time before December 31st in an envelope clearly labeled “COACH REIMBURSEMENT”. 



SAHA follows USA Hockey's policy that cell phones and other mobile devices with recording capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras and video cameras, are not permitted to be used in the locker rooms. If phones or other mobile devices must be used, they should be taken outside of the locker room. [it may be permissible to have team manager, or locker room monitor collect phones]


The following are the consequences for using a cell phone, camera, or other recording device in a locker room:

1st offense: 1 game suspension

2nd offense: 3 game suspension

3rd offense: suspended for the rest of the season  


Coaches or Managers can reserve dryland by contacting SIA office.

The SAHA Development Committee/Board of Directors encourages teams to use the dryland area for shooting, stickhandling, and fitness training.  When league games start and ice time gets more scarce, we encourage this supplemental practice for you to have with your team. 

Please use this time to help your players work on their hockey skills.  There are stickhandling balls and weighted pucks in the coaching closet near the shooting corner, please ask the Rink Attendant to open it for you.  Please make sure to use the white pucks only in the shooting area.

Coaches must supervise this area when in use and be sure that everything is cleaned up when finished.  Please be respectful when using the area during game times.

Thank You