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3 v 3

Registration will close on Friday August 20 at noon!

The Registration "3 v 3 " is not currently available.


Please direct 3v3 questions to Krystle

Krystle Dinda


Pre-Season 3v3 League will run for four weeks, consisting of two games per night with a total of 8 games. 

Players will register as an individual in which even teams will be formed and switched up weekly. 

$100 per participant


Squirts- Birthdates June 1st, 2010-May 31st, 2012

Mites- Birthdates June 1st, 2012-May 31st, 2014

Maximum skaters at each level: 36 skaters and 4 goalies. 


Sunday September 12th

Tuesday September 14th

Tuesday, September 21st

Tuesday, September 28th


Mites & Squirts     5:00pm Two 40 minute games per night

Please plan on having the kids dressed and on the ice 5 minutes prior to start time. 


Jerseys are provided

Tuesday Sept 21st


Tuesday Sept 21st  
Coach Clark  Coach Zimpel
Goalie-Bristol Goalie-Axel
John Downs Gabrielle Dinda
Jaxtin Lepage Eiler Amys
Kaydin Kyrola Dominik Larson
Charles Hanson Liam Zimpel
Landrey Lepage Hudson Clark
Landon Hendrickson Haedyn Bialka
Colton Mclellan Nelson Netland
Brayden Sislo Anthony Smith
  Bryson Stenroos


Tuesday Sept 21st  
Coach Downs Coach Dinda
Goalie-Jace Goalie-Riley
Goalie-Shayne Goalie-Kamden
William Hubbard Brody Dinda
Easton Visger Thomas Downs
Nora Madsen Bryce Scharte
Jacob Hamilton  
Mckinley Howarth William Kyrola
Noah Chellew Blake Schultz
Grady Broberg Parker Severin
Blake Zimpel Treytin Terry
Leighton Hanson Aaron Finley





All games will be two 20 minute running time periods (3 minute warm up and 1 minute halftime) Teams switch ends after halftime.

Face-offs will occur only at the beginning of each period and play does not stop for a puck hitting the netting, ceiling, speakers, etc.     Play it.

When play is stopped, due to the goalie controlling the puck, a whistle will signal the attacking players to vacate the zone. Once an attacker has exited the zone, the player may re-enter to resume play immediately. Attacking prematurely may result in a penalty for the offending team. When a goal is scored all players must tag up and all be out of the zone together before attacking.

Penalties will result in a penalty shot with all other players chasing the shooter and the puck continuing to be live after the penalty shot. All players must line up at the far net on two knees when the ref blows the whistle all players leave. If players leave early the shooting player will get another shot whether they have scored or not. Both will count.

Minor Penalties: Tripping, interference, hooking, holding, slashing, cross checking, high sticking and too many men... ONE SHOT

Major Penalties: Checking, boarding, roughing, spearing, high sticking, elbowing, etc. TWO SHOTS. When a major penalty is called, the offending player must leave the ice for the shots and shift.  The first shot is no chase.  Some penalties are listed in both areas and are left to the ref’s discretion as to how many shots.

Match Penalties: Kicking, head contact, and intent to injure.

When a player receives 4 minor penalties, 2 major penalties, or throws a punch - they are ejected for the remainder of that game. A referee, at his discretion, may eject a player from any game for misconduct or intent to injure.  The referee will report any ejections that warrant a further suspension.

Pre-Season league has a zero tolerance policy on verbal abuse.

All players ejected from a game for a match penalty, misconduct or intent to injure are indefinitely suspended from the league. Anyone throwing a punch or making a play deemed intent to injure are suspended for a minimum of one game.